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No nonsense, just a working product. We believe that technology leadership and R&D should be central to our business.


Magdeveloper was founded in 2008

Introduction. Who are we?

Since its inception in 2008, Magdeveloper has transformed into a full team of dedicated people all working hard towards the collective goal of Magdeveloper

“Supporting as many merchants as possible with their data imports.

This common goal resulted in the launch of our Universal Product Importer, which has been sold to over 20 countries around the world.

What do we do?
We continuously collaborate and innovate with webshops and suppliers to develop innovative solutions that meet the expectations of the world of today and tomorrow.
When developing our software, we focus on mobility, efficiency, usability, quality, service, scalability and more. These main pillars form a product and service that exceeds your expectations.

Provide innovative solutions for e-commerce systems
Provide innovative solutions for e-commerce software, made simple for the end user. We have a strong focus on innovation, while providing the best solution for the end user.
By working closely with our industry partners, the store owner will have the best experience selling quality products online!

Where are we now?
Since its inception in 2008, the team behind Webshopimporter, Magdeveloper.com has been actively developing innovative software solutions to improve data import between e-commerce systems and suppliers and other e-commerce platforms. We work closely with our global business partners (suppliers, web developers, etc.) so you can focus on your core business.

What is our ambition?
With this vast wealth of experience and collaboration, we have reached to build a next generation Cloud service that enables live synchronization of data feeds between suppliers and web shops.
With this Cloud service, Magdeveloper’s ambition is to build a rich community to support as many suppliers, webshops, web agencies and consultants as possible.

What is our mission?

We always want to stay a good number of steps ahead. We want to innovate by taking on challenges in technology, support, corporate culture. Webshopimporter is a company where people come up with new innovative ideas and for us the customer is always the focus. It is up to us to provide the most practical solutions using the latest technologies.
We shift quickly, embracing new frameworks to set new standards in automation and webshop experiences to run your internet business optimally.

We see technology leadership as the defining factor of a service’s success.
We therefore invest heavily in new tools, frameworks to achieve the performance and quality we want. Business-wise, we look at the processes that can be improved and embrace new innovative thinking.

Our next series of innovative solutions will provide the market with the next generation of industry tools.


According to Van den Bosch, software technology will only offer more new opportunities in the future. “My background in philosophy of engineering (Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society), studied at the University of Twente has taught me to think especially about the consequences of technology in terms of adoption and societal importance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning will have a big impact in the field of processing mass data in software. Price changes and content enrichment could all be taken over by AI. In the process, we sometimes forget that technology also makes us better creatively. Take an example of AI being able to facilitate context suggestions. Today, AI can provide dozens of suggestions for an image of a drill to launch a Father’s Day promotion, for example. This helps content writers to assign products a creative description. We expect AI and everyday software to have an important merge to become more creative. Steve Jobs once used the analogy, “Computers are like a bicycle for our minds. AI will also be able to greatly broaden our human brain in terms of creativity, only now we’re not talking about a bicycle but something unprecedentedly faster.”


CEO Business Development and Strategy

CTO Tech strategy & development


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Backend development & integrations

Backend development

Project management & development




From a user
Een heel deskundig en prettig bedrijf. Deze mannen weten waar ze over spreken. Zijn heel benaderbaar en willen heel graag jouw input om kennis te vergroten. Ik ben overgestapt naar het Platform Shopify en tot mijn verrassing konden ze deze koppeling ook verzorgen. Vooruitstrevend en benaderbaar. Echt een aanrader!

"Some of our solutions".

With a dedicated consultant philosophy, solid engineering and no-nonsense
sales team we build the e-commerce applications of the future.
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Webshop & HostingTo keep the webshop stable and running, so that visitors do not experience down-time, a stable hosting service is vital.
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Webshop integration platformSupplier connections that synchronize with your webshop live for a maximum customer experience and product and inventory management to lick your fingers.
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Universal tool for supplier connectionsAs an addition to our Webshopimporter software, this is the ideal tool for efficient product and inventory management. This allows you to to connect your own suppliers.
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Enrich and optimize products with the Wisepim platformWisepim is here for the professionals who want to take the next step. Take advantage of the latest marketing tools and increase your sales.
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Custom developmentIt is also possible for the more experienced companies to implement our products. Customization for companies who also want to move with the times and have a great working Enterprise system operational can come to us.
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The software developers for the e-commerce industryIt is also possible for the more experienced companies to implement our products. Customization for companies who also want to move with the times and have a great working Enterprise system operational can come to us.

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