Increase your sales through sales insight
and plan your product promotion

Gain insight into margins, stock forecast and price updates

Obtain a high profit?

With our sales insight you get instant insight into price trends, stock fluctuations and price fluctuations.
Kind of easy. We do the work for you!

Price view with price watch
Stock trendline
Price margins trendline
Predict price increases and price decreases
Extensive sales trends
Predict trending brands

Sales Insight Revolution

A completely new platform for data analysis

You want to know which products are attractive? Don’t wait any longer and activate our real-time sales dasboard. Follow trend lines of interesting products or buy in when prices are appealing.

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Price watch and stock flow watch

Extensive product management

Price increases and refills of stock can easily be seen in our sales dashboard.

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With our Sales Dashboard you analyze and sell with 100% more margin

Wisepim integrations now also for
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Connect own categories to choose products

The product data becomes available in the supplier overview on the left. On the right, you’ll see your own categories. To assign products, you just need to create folders.

Met het Sales Dashboard kan ik gemakkelijk mijn Sales Strategie bepalen.
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Price and Stock view

Follow price fluctuations

You want to know when it’s best to purchase? See exactly when supplies are replenished.

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Install our Sales Dashboard easily into the Webshopimporter dashboard

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Do you want to activate sales?

Go to Subscription
Step 1: click on sales dashboard and activate the feature.


Wisepim as extension to Webshopimporter

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