Make sure you can sell your products easily and efficiently with the most widely used webshop platform worldwide.
WooCommerce is a free plugin for the well-known WordPress. This allows you to start an online store for free, without having to have much technical knowledge about how to put a website together.
More than 30% of all online stores on the Internet run on WooCommerce. With so many users, it means that the right solution to your problems are never far away. WooCommerce offers a wide range of features, from Inventory Management to Product Reviews. It also offers support for a lot of payment methods, so your customers can always pay easily.

WooCommerce for beginners


The largest E-Commerce platform in the worldSupport is never far away and the options are endless. Create your webshop the way you want it without any major technical knowledge.
The WordPress platform as your foundationWordpress allows you to create beautiful and powerful websites with few problems. This way, your store can always look good. And with the large amount of plugins and themes, you can turn any website into something unique.
SEO optimization is just a few steps awayWith a few plugins, you can run strong SEO yourself, which will help you rank higher in Google and other search engines. That way, customers can easily find you.
More sales channelsWe offer for the WooCommerce integration even more to expand with.
Free supportWe are here to support you in integrating your WooCommerce platform. We’re happy to work and check with you to make sure the connections are made properly and your product data is forwarded in the right way.
Choose the most frequently used eCommerce platformWooCommerce is the most used webshop in the whole world, and therefore full of possibilities.
Simple and fast buildingWordpress as your base ensures that even people with little technical knowledge can build their own website.
Many features and pluginsThere is support for lots of things, from Paypal to Molly, and from SEO to Geo Data Management.

Get the Woocommerce plugin for free at woocommerce.com

Easily sort your products

WooCommerce gives you a simple overview to manage and edit all your products in.

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Edit your products

Fully customize your products. Keep track of your receipts and payments. This way you can run your webshop the way you want.

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Make your website your own

Use the power of WordPress to turn your online store completely to your liking. Use the simple interface and tools to take complete control of your website.

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Omnichannel with webshopimporter

With webshopimpoter you get an omnichannel experience and you can do everything in one system. Ultimate convenience!

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Use Wisepim to manage all your products, and use the first Smart Pim system.

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A.I. Deep Learning

Use an AI to enrich your products. This way you always have all the tags available for your products.

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