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CCV Shop is the all-in-one solution for your webshop. With CCV Shop you have a webshop including hosting, updates and support for a fixed monthly fee.

All technical issues are taken out of your hands, so that you can fully focus on selling your products. CCV Shop offers you countless opportunities to grow.

CCV Shop stands for continuous development. Through continuous development, we can always offer more in the field of E-Commerce. In this way, it is possible to do business without concerns together with CCV Shop, and we think that is important.

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Orders are forwarded to CCV ShopCentralize your orders from all the different sales channels in your CCV Shop area. You can continue to process your orders as usual.
Real-time stock updatesWhen the stock status of a product changes in your CCV Shop environment, it is automatically forwarded to all your active marketplaces and sales channels. This ensures that your crucial product data is always up to date and prevents the sale of out-of-stock products.
Shipping and tracking codesAutomatic shipping updates and tracking codes are sent to the linked marketplaces. As a result, customers will see automatic notifications about the status of their order and their tracking codes.
More sales channelsWe offer for the CCV Shop integration even more to expand with.
Free supportWe are here to support you in integrating your CCV Shop platform. We’re happy to work and check with you to make sure the connections are made properly and your product data is forwarded in the right way.
Payment methodsGive your customers the opportunity to be able to choose the way they pay. CCV Shop offers you links to various payment methods for this purpose.
LayoutDecide what look and feel you want your webshop to have. Easily customize colors, images and fonts and insert your own logo.
ProductsEasily manage your products in the CCV Shop maintenance tool. With a few clicks you can add, change or delete products.

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The simple back office

If you don’t want to do the deep technical stuff for a webshop but would like to

| Webshopimporter

View the status of your orders

In CCV Shop, you can create different order statuses and easily view the orders

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Edit your stocks

Your inventories are easily adjusted in the CCV Shop backend. Our webshopimporter platform connects directly to your CCV Shop system.

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Easily manage products in CCV Shop

CCV Shop has a great product grid to easily view and manage your products.

| Webshopimporter

Omnichannel with webshopimporter

With webshopimpoter you get an omnichannel experience and you can do everything in one system. Ultimate convenience!

| Webshopimporter


Use Wisepim to manage all your products, and use the first Smart Pim system.

| Webshopimporter

A.I. Deep Learning

Use A.I. to enrich your products. This way you always have all the tags available for your products.

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