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What do you consider important about doing business with an organic wholesaler? Choice of small and large purchase quantities. Huge range of organic products. Order online at a fair price. Partner that does responsible business. This and more is VehGro for you, the number 1 organic wholesaler in Europe

Our assortment is organically grown and certified where possible. We are convinced that in the long run this is the only sustainable way to grow food that benefits our bodies. Food that has been raised in real earth (“Provided by Earth”), full of nutrients and vitamins. Foods that are as unprocessed as possible and have been known for centuries for their positive effects on our bodies.

Start your own health brand: private label

Do you want to be distinctive in your retail or webshop offerings? Then start your own (organic) line with our private label service. Discover in our shop the organic, mostly unprocessed products that you can easily buy in bulk and market under your own name. This way you create your own customized brand.


Private LabelCustomized packaging (with your own logo)
FlexibleDetermine your own margins on products
Multi compatibleCompatible with both Magento Community and Enterprise versions
Synchronize product dataSynchronize and manage product data easily in your webshop
Automatic updatesAutomated VehGro stock and price updates
Intuitive interfaceGraphical interface for easy mapping of supplier categories to your store

Don't wait any longer. Start today.

How it works

After you have purchased the software and have logged in with a VehGro account, you can start importing data from VehGro into your shop

All Dutch companies selling organic products to consumers, both online web shops and physical stores, are required to register with Skal Biocontrole. Even if these products are only resold. A store may only deal in demonstrably certified organic products. This means that both the retailer and the producer must be certified.

If you are very successful and your turnover exceeds €50,000, then you must also certify. Click here to learn more.

VehGro will set up a customer-specific connection in our Sendcloud environment for you. By doing so, they ensure that your customers’ orders automatically get a shipping label in your company’s look and feel, and also that the track & trace codes your customer receives look like it is your company that is sending the packages.
To do this, you must submit the following information to VehGro:

  1. A company logo in color: max 2000px x 2000px (for on the email and page)
  2. A company logo in black and white: max 3000px x 1000px (for on shipping labels)
  3. The primary and secondary main colors of your webshop, so that the track & trace emails and page have the same appearance. (RGB or Hexa codes)
  4. The contact information (name, email and phone number) where your customers can get in touch with you in case of a problem/question about the shipment.

Create an account


Create an account at VehGro

Log in

Login and download the datafeed export (XML type)

Purchase the VehGro Connector

Purchase the VehGro Connector

Select categories

Select which categories you want to import to your store or import to existing categories

Import product information

Import all available product information such as images, product text and product dimensions and set margins or set other business rules related to your product data. Start selling.


vehgro | Webshopimporter
vehgro | Webshopimporter
Beans & Grains
vehgro | Webshopimporter
Natural Salts
vehgro | Webshopimporter
vehgro | Webshopimporter
Herbs & Spices
vehgro | Webshopimporter
vehgro | Webshopimporter
vehgro | Webshopimporter


Wholesale VehGro was founded in 2012 by experienced entrepreneurs and employees. We have set ourselves the goal of offering only products that meet the conditions: healthy, high quality and competitive. This is what we have selected our partners for and with this we provide the basis for a healthy business.

We at VehGro believe that good food can make a valuable contribution to health & well-being and therefore to a better world.

We are not interested in the highest possible margins or selling products as fast as possible. Our goal is to sell products, which we ourselves believe in. Foods that are good for people, energizing and just make life more beautiful.


VehGro B.V.
trade name: Vehgro B.V.
Weijinksweg 18
7558 PL Hengelo Ov.


Installation & Set-up


Step 1: Create a new integration within Magento via System > Integrations > Add New Integration

Step 2: Click Activate > Allow

Step 3: Copy the consumer key/secret and access token/secret to webshopimporter

Step 4: Click Add in Webshopimporter

Step 5: Go to your dashboard and click on “add new supplier” and select VehGro.


Step 1: Install universal product importer app on Lightspeed

Step 2: Go to your dashboard

Step 3: Add a new synchronization

Step 4: Select VehGro

CCV Shop

Step 1: Install universal product importer app on CCV Shop

Step 2: Go to your dashboard

Step 3: Add a new synchronization

Step 4: Select VehGro


Step 1:Install universal product importer app on Shopify

Step 2: Go to your dashboard

Step 3: Add a new synchronization

Step 4: Select VehGro


Step 1:
To set up the connection, you must create an API key as a user in WooCommerce. This can be done under WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API.

Here is a button that says “Add Key.”
In the next window the permission must be set to Read/Write, the description can be chosen by the user.
Next, the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret become visible.

Step 2:
You must then log in via (register an account there)
Then the consumer key and consumer secret must be filled in after pressing “Add new shop” on the dashboard.
If all goes well, the shop will show up on the dashboard with a green checkmark next to “Working API connection”.

Note you need read & write permissions.

Step 3:
Using the universal product importer
Go to your dashboard and click on “add new supplier” and select VehGro


Compatible Platforms

Magento . Lightspeed . CCV Shop . Shopify . WooCommerce

Number of products

500 > 1.500

Worldwide Delivery


Available datafeeds

.CSV / .XML / .XLS

VehGro customer service

Chat with VehGro