A simple webshop builder that is infinitely scalable that allows you to reach your customers worldwide. That's the purpose of Shopify.

Shopify makes it quick and easy to get your business out there on the web. So you have less worry and less burden. It is easier to keep an overview and present your products clearly to your customers.

It is incredibly easy to get your website online with Shopify. The investment for you as a webshop will therefore be smaller. You can do a lot with the tools and apps that Shopify has. That way you get a lot of choices.

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Orders are forwarded to ShopifyCentralize your orders from all different sales channels in your Magento environment. You can continue to process your orders as usual.
Real-time stock updatesWhen the stock status of a product changes in your Shopify environment, it is automatically forwarded to all your active marketplaces and sales channels. This ensures that your crucial product data is always up to date and prevents the sale of out-of-stock products.
Shipping and tracking codesAutomatic shipping updates and tracking codes are sent to the linked marketplaces. As a result, customers will see automatic notifications about the status of their order and their tracking codes.
More sales channelsWe offer for the Shopify integration even more to expand with.
Free supportWe are here to support you in integrating your Shopify platform. We’re happy to work and watch with you to make sure the connections are made properly and your product data is forwarded in the right way.
Global reachDid you know that Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platforms and is available worldwide?
Features & AppsShopify has a very wide selection of apps that make sure you can do everything with your online store.
SecurityDid you know that Shopify provides free SSL to your shopping cart? This way your customers are always safe and you can rely on the payment.

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Build a webshop with powerful tools

Shopify has tools that make it quick and easy to put together your webshop. Your customers can immediately see your webshop.

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Keep it simple and organized

Shopify displays your data quickly and simply. This allows you to clearly know how much you are selling and what you are selling.

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Think of the styling

Build beautiful and powerful webshops so your customers can always find your products and make payments easily and securely.

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Omnichannel with webshopimporter

With webshopimpoter you get an omnichannel experience and you can do everything in one system. Ultimate convenience!

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Use Wisepim to manage all your products, and use the first Smart Pim system.

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A.I. Deep Learning

Use A.I. to enrich your products. This way you always have all the tags available for your products.

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