Easily integrate product and supplier data

Easily integrate product and supplier data

With the webshopimporter platform you completely manage your own products

Whatever data you want to send and synchronize, it is no longer a problem with Webshopimporter. Increase revenue by setting up supplier synchronizations, order connections, and export options to marketplaces and comparators. Manage your webshop from the new user-friendly dashboard.

Show current stocks
Check order status
Track & Trace module
Anticipate turnover rates quickly
Send packages in your corporate identity
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Manage categories easily

Connect your own categories to choose products

The data will become available in your supplier overview on the left. On the right, you will see your shop’s own categories. By simply assigning folders, you transfer products easily!

Apply your own margins

In an easy overview you can see all your connections in which the margins can be adjusted per individual product.
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Add specific rules

Do you have certain conditions for your business?

Do you need certain conditions for your business? Easily add new connections to your shop. We have added many multiple options in addition to the left-hand overview.

Install Webshopimporter easily via the usual dashboard

Label products with new specifications

Increase findability and improve search optimization

Want to add multiple specifications? This is possible with multi select filters and specifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dropshipment allows you to sell products in your shop without keeping a physical stock.

If a customer has placed an order in your webshop, the order proceeds to your dropship supplier. These are companies that specialize in products such as electronics, clothing or household goods. The order then proceeds to shipping and is delivered to your customer. This has advantages for you such as no storage costs and logistical handling, these are arranged by your supplier.

Lightspeed eCom allows a maximum number of API calls and consumes API calls during category mapping. So you have a few API calls left over the first time during use before the actual import.

This means that when you start the synchronization the products are imported but the synchronization stops when the max API calls is reached. You then need to be patient and simply wait 10-15 min, then API calls will be released again (800). You can then start the synchronization again.

TIP: We recommend waiting longer (say, 12 hours) so you can run the import at once and more API calls have been made available. This restriction is a limit of Lightspeed eCom and not our app.

You can add your own titles and descriptions to imported products and exceed the origin values through your shop’s Admin dashboard. After products are imported, only prices and stocks will be updated.

Review the Additional Synchronization options via the More Options tab on your supplier’s Data-Mappings page.

Yes, you can overwrite the original category name imported from your supplier from your Admin dashboard with a custom name.

If you do not want to use the prices that come from your suppliers uncheck the Synchronize Prices option in the MoreOptions Tab on your supplier’s Data-Mappings page. The prices will not be overwritten by the prices in your supplier’s datafeed when synchronizing.

If you want to restructure categories yourself first uncheck the Synchronize Categories option. This prevents products from your suppliers data feed from being stored in their respective categories each time you synchronize to your shop. After the Synchronize Categories option is unchecked you can safely reorder the imported categories in the Admin Dashboard of your shop.

Removing category pairings on the Data Mappings page will remove products in that category at the next synchronization time.

If you want to completely empty your shop go to the More Options tab and click on Empty Shop. Only products that you have imported via Webshopimporter will be deleted.

For questions, custom integrations and support email us at [email protected]. Also get to know our other product families.