Dropshipping with a private label

Dropshipping with a private label

In a previous blog post, we reviewed White Label and Private Label. One concern with dropshipping is that competition between providers can be high and profit margins low. So it’s important to stand out in the market. One lucrative way to do this is to sell products under your own brand name. Shots and PharmQuests offer “The Private Label Program”. Here we will explain what to expect, what steps to take and what the minimum requirements are.

Shots and PharmQuests collaboration

Shots has more than 25 years of experience in the adult industry and in the mainstream drugstore/pharmacy multi-channel retail market. The plant was designed by technical experts according to the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices protocol. Shots is a partner of PharmQuests, specializing in the production of cosmetics, lubricants and nutritional supplements. PharmQuests is located in Beneden-Leeuwen, right next to Shots. This creates an extra powerful collaboration between the two partners. The recent partnership with PharmQuests adds more than 15 years of experience and technical knowledge to their service, in the production of cosmetics and nutritional supplements.


About PharmQuests

PharmQuests specializes in the production and marketing of cutting-edge private label cosmetics, lubricants and nutritional supplements in the adult and mainstream sectors. Founded in 2011, they produce in the Netherlands to maintain quality and authenticity, recognized by many different brands around the world. Each of their private label cosmetics is manufactured with care and attention, to be as innovative and original as possible, within the wants and needs of each customer. They work with very small MOQ and keep a huge variety of packaging in stock. They do not work with a just-in-time delivery system and are therefore able to deliver your orders much faster. Together with their partners, they develop new exclusive formulas and textures to grow beauty brands.

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The Private Label Program

Always wanted to have a complete lineup of your own branded products? Then now is your chance! Shots’ Private Label program allows you to sell an extensive catalog of products under your own corporate brand! The possibilities are endless! Personalize your own product by choosing the color, flavor or fragrance. You can also create new packaging according to your needs and specifications. Design it yourself or with the help of the professional in-house design department offered.

The in-house design department If you want to outsource the entire process of creating and manufacturing products, along with filling, assembling and packaging, the experts of the in-house design department are ready to guide you step by step until you achieve the desired result. Or, if you only need them for bulk production of your own formula, so your team can do the filling, assembling and packaging themselves, they can help you.

Lubricants, skin care lines, sprays, cleansers, specific supplements and more: they are there for you. Whatever you need, they strictly adhere to regulations and quality standards throughout the production process. The private label collections are also suitable for smaller stores or online businesses that want to offer their customers products with their own name.

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How does it work?




  1. Create a business account with Shots
  2. Login to the private label program
  3. Click on “Start your private label”
  4. Choose a category of products
  5. Choose a product and format
  6. Choose the color and style of packaging
  7. Choose the number of products you want to purchase (MOQ minimum 500 products)