The best Magento 2 framework

Our framework includes the best UX and collections of modules packaged within a simple theme according to Magento 2 best practices for development, design and conversion. It’s simply the best way to kick-start your Magento 2 development.


StoreFrame Framework

Not only do we provide the ideal tool to launch your Magento 2 webshop, but it also comes with a best-practice framework that we perfected for best results.



Best-practice UX based on global studies for high conversion.

Best PerformanceOptimal speed and rating Class A scores in the Google Lighthouse test.
Optimized for SEO

Take your webshop to the top of Google by building and our SEO toolkit.

Best-practice development

Development to the highest Magento 2 standards.

Optimal integration

Tested integration of the best partner modules that enrich your webshop.


Based on the default Magento 2 theme (Luma). Flexible in adjustments.

Ease of workingOur theme is derived from the popular Luma theme. This provides a developer with familiarity, which in turn accelerates development.
Best practicesStoreFrame keeps tabs on and tracks the latest Magento 2 trends and implements them. Our Magento 2 solution comes with the recommended pre-configuration.
Open-SourceTo keep it easy, we have also added several modules used by the community. This shows the power of Magento 2.

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  • Slider / Banner functionality
  • Product Carousel
  • Brands / Logo carousel
  • Premade static blocks
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Category page

  • Carousel subcategory
  • Layered navigation with filters and search by filter
  • Rich snippets
  • In-stock/out-of-stock
  • Estimated delivery time
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Product detail

  • Product sticky link
  • Delivery estimate
  • Product highlights
  • Continued choice list number
  • Sales sticker
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  • One-Step-Checkout
  • VAT validation
  • Payment options PAY
  • Special fields
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