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EDC is an international distribution center. We take care of storage of items, order picking and of course shipping, both at box and pallet level. EDC also invents and manages successful concepts in the field of online erotica stores.

EDC controls the complete chain of online sales. From producing various own brand products, realizing and operating websites, to packaging and shipping orders worldwide. So a complete, efficient and cost-effective pallet of services. This is why our customers can benefit from razor-sharp prices, without having to compromise on quality, speed, security and discretion.

Consumers can visit our low-cost webshops.

Business customers, resellers and (web) store owners please refer to EDC Wholesale.

Affiliates and website owners can take a look at the EDC Affiliate Program.

“Everything that gets attention grows.”

EDC offers a down-to-earth Groninger working atmosphere, where hard work is central, but where humor, respect. fun and equality are important aspects in the workplace.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


FlexibleDetermine your own margins on products
Multi compatibleCompatible with both Magento Community and Enterprise versions
Synchronize product dataSynchronize and manage product data easily in your webshop
Automatic updatesAutomated EDC Wholesale stocks and price updates
Intuitive interfaceGraphical interface for easy mapping of supplier categories to your store

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How it works

After you have purchased the software and signed in with an EDC Wholesale account, you can begin importing data from your EDC Wholesale into your Magento webshop

After that, when you have requested a so-called product XML data feed, you can immediately define your own price ranges, clone categories, product names and descriptions or edit them to your preference. The import system takes care of the rest.

Create an account


Maak een account aan bij EDC Wholesale

Log in

Login en download de datafeed export (XML type)

Schaf de EDC Wholesale koppeling aan

Schaf de EDC Wholesale connector aan

Selecteer categorieën

Selecteer welke categorieën je naar je winkel wilt importeren of naar bestaande categorieën wilt importeren

Importeer productinformatie

Importeer alle beschikbare productinformatie zoals afbeeldingen, productteksten en productafmetingen en stel marges in of stel andere bedrijfsregels in met betrekking tot je productgegevens. Begin met verkopen.


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User Experience

Fijne informele maar professionele samenwerking met dit bedrijf. Systeem (EDC Dropship) i.c.m. Lightspeed werkt top en neemt veel werk uit handen. Erg tevreden
Cain & Jordy
Deze app stelt je in staat om zeer snel, heel erg veel producten te importeren van EDC internet. Voorheen deed ik dit dus allemaal handmatig. Ik heb dan ook lang gezocht naar een goede, betaalbare gebruiksvriendelijke EDC app.De support van webshopimporter.com is werkelijk uitstekend en ze luisteren goed naar al je feedback en mogelijke verbeterpunten.
Rik van Eijk


EDC Wholesale has a rich history and was founded in 2004 by Eric Idema. Once started small as a sole proprietorship, it has now grown into a wholesale business with over 80 employees.

With a wide and diverse selection of no less than 14000 items, we have become an extensive logistics center, where hundreds of packages are collected and shipped each day. EDC Wholesale started from an attic room. In 2006, the sole proprietorship was converted to BV form so that EDC Wholesale B.V. was created.


EDC Wholesale B.V.
trade name: EDC Wholesale B.V.
Phoenixweg 6
9641 KS Veendam

Website: https://www.one-dc.com/nl/

Installation & Set-up


Step 1: Create a new integration within Magento via System > Integrations > Add New Integration

Step 2: Click Activate > Allow

Step 3: Copy the consumer key/secret and access token/secret to webshopimporter

Step 4: Click Add in Webshopimporter

Step 5: Go to your dashboard and click on “add new supplier” and select EDC Wholesale.


Step 1: Install universal product importer app on Lightspeed

Step 2: Go to your dashboard

Step 3: Add a new synchronization

Step 4: Select EDC Wholesale

CCV Shop

Step 1: Install universal product importer app on CCV Shop

Step 2: Go to your dashboard

Step 3: Add a new synchronization

Step 4: Select EDC Wholesale


Step 1:Install universal product importer app on Shopify

Step 2: Go to your dashboard

Step 3: Add a new synchronization

Step 4: Select EDC Wholesale


Step 1:
To set up the connection, you must create an API key as a user in WooCommerce. This can be done under WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API.

Here is a button that says “Add Key.”
In the next window the permission must be set to Read/Write, the description can be chosen by the user.
Next, the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret become visible.

Step 2:
You must then log in via woocommerce.webshopimporter.com. (register an account there)
Then the consumer key and consumer secret must be filled in after pressing “Add new shop” on the dashboard.
If all goes well, the shop will show up on the dashboard with a green checkmark next to “Working API connection”.

Note you need read & write permissions.

Step 3:
Using the universal product importer
Go to your dashboard and click “add new supplier” and select EDC Wholesale

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Geschikte Platformen

Magento . Lightspeed . CCV Shop . Shopify . WooCommerce

Aantal producten

5.000 > 10.000

Wereldwijde levering

Nee, alleen Europa

Beschikbare datafeeds

.CSV / .XML / .XLS

EDC customer service

Chat with EDC