WooCommerce installation

Adding your own suppliers in WooCommerce

Step 1.

To set up the connection, you must create an API key as a user in WooCommerce.

1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API

2. Click on the button Add Key

3. Set the permission to Read/Write (as a user, you may choose the description yourself)

Next, the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret become visible.

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| Webshopimporter

Step 2.

1. Log in via woocommerce.webshopimporter.com. (account registration required)

2. Enter the consumer key and consumer secret by pressing the “Add new shop” button in the dashboard

This will activate the shop and show it in the dashboard. When installed correctly, a green check mark will appear at Working API connection. (Note; you need read & write permissions)

Step 3.

Using the universal product importer

1. Go to the dashboard and click on add new data mapper.

2. Create a connection.

3. Use our Online Manual to receive step-by-step guidance through an interactive workshop (login required).

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