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Become a dropship supplier and sync with the most widely used platforms

Proper categorization will increase your visibility across sales channels. With Wisepim, you easily link the fields from your feed with the required fields from various marketplaces, comparison sites and affiliate networks. and you can add categories , fields and properties if desired to get an even better result.

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Easily export productsWith a user-friendly dashboard
become dropship supplier | Webshopimporter
Daily product and stock synchronizationAutomatic daily stock and price updates
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Clear dashboarduser-friendly graphical interface for managing the webshop
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Order tracking*Automatic order-forward module + Track and Trace support (*opt)
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Manage marginsDetermine dropshipment margins so you can sell easily
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Connect with Sales channelsConnect to sales channels such as Google Shopping
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Manage your exportsMore features to speed up exporting products
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CustomizationAdditional support and customization possible

Become a dropship supplier with our powerful WISEPIM solution

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Usercase Alveru

Alveru B.V. is a flexible company and a fast-growing e-commerce wholesaler with a focus on- and offline.

They specialize in providing the right product for the right customer. In other words, they provide customized services. They asked us to implement the Wisepim system and were able to successfully complete it by performing the following steps together. View website >

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Alveru has a Lightspeed webshop and plans to offer its products in the future through other widely used E-commerce platforms such as Magento2, CCV shop, Lightspeed, woocommerce, and Shopify

Step 1

We read the webshop and create a product data feed. This product data feed is then synchronized with WISEPIM.

Step 2

Here, the important solution is that Alveru can use WISEPIM to change prices, allowing a she as a dropship supplier to make adjustments to the feed from her shop’s dashboard to whom she offers her dropshipment prices.

This creates the ability to customize, generate and optimally manage the entire export data feed in Lightspeed again at the individual product level.

Step 3

Dropship suppliers can then use the custom product feed to export all data to all supported E-commerce platforms.

Extensive product export with WISEPIM

Extensive product management

Through specific content enrichment and the application of A.I. Deep Learning technique, your customers market products much more efficiently than before. This ensures that both the vendor and shop are immediately aware of trending items and creates flexibility in scaling the product offering Say you want to know if your products are well viewed. Deep learning gives you insight into how the product (image) is recognizable to your visitors.

become dropship supplier | Webshopimporter

Become a dropship supplier with our powerful WISEPIM solution

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Become a dropship supplier as well

Become a dropship supplier with our powerful WISEPIM solution

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